Hazzle Theme – Documentation Note : This documentation guide is specifically for the Hazzle Theme. HAZZLE DOCUMENTATION: A how-to guide and helpful informations about options and features of the Hazzle theme. Step by step easy tutorials are written describing each feature & functions of the theme so that you can very easily master our themes. Installing the theme Installing the […]
How do I set up my navigation menu? Navigation menu is the main part of the blog as it interlinks all the important pages of the blog. Generally it’s placed on the top of the blog/website, so here we’ll learn – HOW TO CREATE A NAVIGATION MENU: The basics: Navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus From the drop-downs on the left, choose […]
How to set the number of posts displaying on homepage? To set the number of posts appearing in homepage, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading > choose the number of posts to the “Blog pages show at most” option > Save Changes This will set the number of posts that appear on your homepage / post feed.
Error: My Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet For the newbie users it’s the common problem with which they always got stucked once for a while. Actually it happens when you mistakenly try to upload the wrong zip file to your WordPress blog. This is the error message you get from the backend of the WordPress : “The package could not be installed. […]
How To Add Featured Image? Featured image or previously known as post thumbnails is the very important & popular feature of the WordPress. Today 90% of the themes on marketplaces like themeforest, creative market and others make use of this feature. In general a Featured Image is the image which is assigned to your blog’s post and it’s used by […]
How To Get Post ID, Cat ID in WordPress? Each time you publish a post and assign a category to it, WordPress by default add a unique ID number to each posts and category you have published. This unique ID number makes it easy for WordPress system to identify your each blog posts and categories. Some of the WordPress themes also utilizes this post […]
All of the themes files you download from our themeforest page contains a folder inside it named as “demo” or “demo content” inside which you will find a XML file which is the demo-content file for the theme you have downloaded. On your WP Dashboard navigate to the Tools > Import Select the WordPress option. If […]
Theme Support Coverage FAQs All the themes you purchase from the themeforest, comes with a six-month free technical support service which is included in the price of the theme. It is to ensure that you may have a supporting hands while unfortunately you get stuck in any problem with the themes you buy from Soladuro Designs. As a support we […]
How To Hide Admin Bar in Your WordPress Blog? While viewing your wordpress blog, by default  you will see an annoying admin bar on the top of your blog, which is commonly termed as WordPress Admin Bar or WordPress Admin Toolbar. There are ways to hide it by navigating to the WordPress Dashboard > Edit My Profile and uncheck the option i.e. Show Toolbar when viewing site […]