How to Update WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes are often updated by the authors like us, as we keep adding new features in our themes to improve the user experiences and sometimes to fix the issues related with themes codes.

So now questions is that :


Each time we update our theme you’ll receive a notification email to the address with which you’re registered to envato marketplace. To download the updated WordPress theme go to download page of the themeforest and download there the updated version of your theme.

Download file will be in the .zip format so extract the file first, then open your blog dashboard, there navigate to Appearance > Themes .

Step 1 : Switch your theme first i.e. Change your current theme which you want to update.
Here we’re going to update the HAZZLE theme so we’re changing our theme to TWENTY FIFTEEN .

Step 2 : After changing your theme you will see something like below screenshot .

Step 3 : Now hover your mouse over the theme you want to update. Here we’re updating HAZZLE theme so we’ll go to HAZZLE and click on Theme Details.

Step 4 : Then see at the bottom-right of the theme details page, you’ll see an option to delete the theme there.

Step 5 : Click on the delete button and then install the updated version of the theme which you’ve downloaded just now from the download page.

If you’ve any queries installing the theme, feel free to contact us . We’ll be happy to solve out your problem.