Theme Support Coverage FAQs

All the themes you purchase from the themeforest , comes with a six-month free technical support service which is included in the price of the theme. It is to ensure that you may have a supporting hands while unfortunately you get stuck in any problem with the themes you buy from Soladuro Designs . As a support we provide you help relating with the theme issues, or bugs in the codes or answering your questions.

This support service expires after the six months.

What Does Theme Support Include?

This is the popular questions which many peoples ask us. So here we’re stating what Envato’s says. Support service included with the item states :

  • Author of the item will be available to provide you support.
  • Technical questions about the item’s built-in features, functionality and third party plugins will be answered and solved.
  • Assistance will be provided with reported bugs and issues
  • Help will be provided with included third party plugins like (e.g. image sliders, contact forms etc.)

Will the Help Article & Theme Updates also expires with my support coverage?

No! Not at all, it’s only the technical support service which expires after the period of six months you bought the theme. But you’re always welcome to the help articles , where you can find 90% of the solution for all your problems related with the theme. And theme updates are free of cost, once you have bought the theme.

How to know if my support coverage has expired?

To check if your support coverage has expired or to find out how much time you have left in your support coverage window, you can log into your Envato account. Navigate to your “Downloads” page and find your Soladuro theme in the list. Here, you can see the remaining coverage time for support.

Do I HAVE to renew my support coverage?

Not at all. Support coverage is totally optional! If you find that you never needed to open up a support ticket or if you haven’t in a long time, it probably isn’t necessary to renew your support coverage.
However, if you find yourself relying on our support services quite often or if you like knowing you can reach out to us at any time, it may be a good investment.

What if my support coverage expires and I decide I want to renew after-the-fact?

Not a problem! You can always renew your Soladuro theme support coverage even after it has expired.

Is there a benefit to renewing support coverage before it expires?

If you renew your theme’s support coverage prior to expiration , Envato offers a discounted price.

How do I renew my theme support coverage?

To renew your theme’s support coverage, you can log into your Envato account. Then, navigate to your “Downloads” page and find your Soladuro theme in the list. Here, you can click the link to extend or renew your support coverage.