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What’s Soladuro Designs?

Soladuro Designs is a web design company which designs & develops WordPress Themes.

Can I use your themes in other blogging platforms?

Sorry! as we develop themes only for WordPress, so our themes will not work on other blogging platforms like, Drupal, Joomla, Ghosts etc.

Do you provide Documentation for your themes?

Yes! we do provide a easy & detailed documentation for our themes included with the theme package you purchase. We go through each features & function of the themes in our documentation file, even if you stuck in a issue related to theme installation of theme functioning you can submit a support ticket to us and request us to provide help.



How do you provide Support?

We provide support to customers only via support ticket. We don’t offer support to the messages sent via contact form, facebook page or any other mediums.

What does include in your Support?

Our support includes solving the problems and issues related to theme installation or fixing the code bugs. Any issues related to thirds party plugins will not be solved by us.

We strictly offer support only for the themes we develop.

What’s your Support timings?

Our support timings are Monday-Saturday 10.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. in GMT +5.30. And later we provide support in second half from 9.00 P.M. to 12.00 A.M. in GTM +5.30

We work our best to provide the fastest support to our customers, but due to our human/family limitations we can get delay in our reply. So worry not for the delay, we will get back soon to the helpdesk to provide support.